Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

By choosing the travel assistance service offered by, you can be confident that you have ensured the security you need for your trip.

The coverage of travel assistance begins even before your journey starts, counting from the departure date itself and covering any possible financial cost in case of unexpected cancellation of your trip, of course for significant reasons such as illness, lay off or even in case you are called to present in court as a witness. has created travel assistance programs adjusted to your needs for any kind of travel and destination, providing direct and simple procedures in any case.

Analytical descriptions of any travel package suggested are presented during the booking process of your trip and all details appear at the step where suggested travel assistance is shown.

Acquiring a suited travel assistance for your travel package, in any place of the world you may travel, you are instantly covered by the insurance company for expenses such as medicine, hospitalization or treatment in case of an accident, without the need to cover the expenses yourself and claim a refund on your return. This is what makes the travel assistance suggested by unique as it is an assistance provided at the crucial time of need and not after.

Suggested travel assistance packages cover a vast range of needs; from simple ones such as shipping costs for luggage replacement or even special ski coverage to more severe cases such as repatriation after hospitalization or rescuing expenses.

It needs to be pointed out that travel assistance is a truly valuable and necessary supply for your trip, as it is commonly known that expenses abroad and particularly medical expenses have a significant high cost.

Another privilege of travel assistance is the possibility of medical consultation over the phone on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. That way success for a carefree trip is truly guaranteed.

In case of any question or query about travel assistance packages that are offered on our site, please do not hesitate to call us at +30 216 3000 000 or send an e-mail through our communication form at Our experienced travel consultants are always at your disposal.