Terms & ConditionsGeneral Terms and conditions for the use of tripark.com


Kindly read carefully the below mentioned General Terms of Use of the website www.tripark.com because by purchasing and booking an air line ticket or another service offered by the above site, every user automatically accepts them. All content and services of the site www.tripark.com are available to visitors/users strictly for personal use and they may not be used or republished, partially or as a whole, in any way, without the written permission of the company Tripark S.A., pursuant to Law 2121/1993 on intellectual property, related rights and cultural issues as well as regulations of International Law which are applicable in Greece.  The use of the website www.tripark.com (hereinafter referred to as "website") is subject to the terms and conditions listed below. The use of the website constitutes a presumption that the visitor/user has read and accepts the terms of use. In case of non-acceptance of any term hereof, it is expressly forbidden to use the website. 

1. The Company
The company www.tripark.com is a new commercial trademark of the company called "TRIPARK SA" having as its trade name "TRIPARK.COM", under which the company created and operates the website/e-shop for on line tourism services www.tripark.com.   The company "TRIPARK S.A. " having the trade name "TRIPARK.COM" has its legal seat in the Municipality of Peania, 19002, 1st Km Peanias - Markopoulou Avenue, P.C. 19002, with VAT Registration Number 800375229 and Athens Tax Office for Commercial Companies.

2. Terms of General Use
If any provision of the terms of use is held invalid or not applicable by the competent court, this provision will be removed from the terms of use, which shall remain in full force. No waiver by either party of the breach or failure to perform the terms of use shall be considered waiver of prior or following breach or failure to perform. The titles of the paragraphs are used only for convenience.  

3. Products-Services
 "Products" and/or "services" means all tickets, hotels, tour packages, package travel, individual travel, car rentals, and other travel services of the company, as they appear on the website.  All sales of products/services, as well as the offers, advertisements and links included on the website are subject to these terms of use. The products, the offers and the prices shown on the website are valid for limited or specified time or only as long as their appearance lasts, as they are subject to changes at any time without notice. The sales of the products/services are based on the instant availability in real time which is modified according to reservations booked anytime and it is connected directly to all systems of suppliers.

4. Content
The www.tripark.com website does not warrant that the services or any content provided through sites or included in them or even can be downloaded from them (suppliers) will meet your requirements, will be accurate, complete, relevant or timely, or that the websites or their services will be continual, timely, secure or infallible. In case that the content or the services are inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, the website www.tripark.com does not make mispresentations of materials on purpose neither provides false information deliberately.  The presentation of products and services based on the information provided by the suppliers (hotels, airline companies, partners etc.) with which the website www.tripark.com has concluded cooperation-resale agreements. Any modification is probably due to change in features of products/services on behalf of the supplier, which has not been notified in time to www.tripark.com and for which bears no responsibility. In each case the company bears no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided on the website or for typographical or technical errors, including errors related to availability and booking prices, and does not warrant that the use of the site will be continual and/or infallible or that the website will not get infected with "viruses". The company bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of information contained on the website or products featured.  www.tripark.com and its licensors make no representations or warranties that the websites or services or any other content that exists on the websites or services or downloaded from them are appropriate or available for use in all geographic locations. If you use the services outside Greece, you are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the export and import regulations of other countries, as well as the travel regulations of each country, as they are configured, amended and updated continuously.

5. Online Reservations
On the website of www.tripark.com tourist products and services are provided 24hours a day, 365 days a year with the possibility of real-time reservation (online) and immediate confirmation for products available, using a credit card for payment.  While the user fills in the relevant fields existing in the special booking form in each case respectively and completes the booking process, he/she gives an explicit command in www.tripark.com to mediate for the provision of a travel service which is offered by the respective provider or any other service associated with the execution of a trip or any other similar product.  In particular, a user's command in www.tripark.com to mediate for the provision of services and products offered on the website www.tripark.com may be the following procedures: a. The completion of reservations booked online via the website www.tripark.com, with full electronic interface or via e-mail. b. The completion of reservations booked via the customer service call center of www.tripark.com. c. The completion of reservations booked with the user's physical presence in the offices of www.tripark.com. In any case, any booking command is binding for the user.  Before the completion of every reservation or transaction via the reservation system of www.tripark.com, you shall read carefully and accept unreservedly the terms and conditions of participation contained herein and shown on any product and service offered, as well as the present general terms of use. If you do not accept the above terms, you may not use or have access to the website and make any transaction related to the products or services offered.

6. Prices
The website's fee for its mediation is included in the total price of the offered service or product. The website www.tripark.com is informed on the prices of the travel products and services of each supplier. The website www.tripark.com bears no responsibility for changes in values caused by the provider. The website www.tripark.com bears no responsibility for any booking fees charged by the provider in case of cancellation of the journey or the provision of services. These fees burden only the user.

7. Change of services
www.tripark.com makes efforts to respond to requests for changes or cancellations, within working hours if it is possible, without however being engaged to respond earlier than 8 working hours. For any change or cancellation you must communicate through a special form of changes or cancellations on the website of www.tripark.com by filling in the necessary information requested (reservation number, name etc.).  When your request appears on the system through this special form, an authorized representative of the customer service department will contact you for the details of your request.  Depending on the service, a fee is set for handling the request for change or cancellation, which e.g. regarding airline and ferry tickets amounts to €10 as an extra cost of change, additional to any cancellation and change penalty declared by the airline and shipping company in each case. Regarding hotel reservations the minimum cost of change or cancellation amounts to 10€. The maximum cost of change or cancellation depends on the cancellation policy of each hotel and the terms defined in the initial reservation.  The terms of reservation, cancellation and potential restriction on fares or reservations are explicitly set out in details during the reservation process, in respective parts of the site and all users/passengers unconditionally accept these terms, as defined by each company/provider, upon completion of the purchase/payment of the service (payment page).

8. Rejection of the reservation
The website www.tripark.com has the right to reject reservations commands made by the user, if the terms of use of the website are violated.

9. Completion – Confirmation of the Reservation
Upon completion of each reservation, immediately after filling in the credit card data, the reservation code and all the data of the completed reservation appear accompanied by an automatic message declaring the successful transaction. The same message, which also mentions the reservation code, is sent automatically to the e –mail address declared by the user during the reservation process.  The user is obliged to check IMMEDIATELY the validity of the confirmation data (name, departure date, destination etc.) and in case of potential errors or omissions the user shall inform www.tripark.com as soon as possible but in any case within the same calendar day of registration. Any error mentioned after the particular calendar day when the registration is made will not be taken into consideration. Our website www.tripark.com will make great efforts to fix any potential error but in any case it cannot guarantee that the error rectification is possible without cost even in case of timely information. Many providers and especially “low cost airlines” do not even proceed in error rectification after the user's request for reservation. It is pointed out that late reporting of errors or even impossible rectification of them does not provide in any way the user with the right to withdraw from the contract. In case that the user/customer has not received the message of successful transaction or the respective e-mail, the user should communicate immediately with www.tripark.com at the telephone number +30 216 3000 000 in order to find out if the reservation has been made or not.  In some cases, the communication between the user’s computer and the website www.tripark.com may be interrupted without www.tripark.com having perception of this or being responsible for this, so in that case the customer bears the sole responsibility for the communication.

10. E-tickets
The airline tickets are issued in electronic format so they are sent to the user via e-mail (e – ticket) or text message (SMS), which is sent to the mobile phone declared by the user during the reservation process.  Only in exceptional cases, tickets may be received from the airline’s offices at the airport or at the offices of www.tripark.com. The ferry tickets are sent to the customer by post, by courier or can be received from the office of www.tripark.com. In exceptional cases, tickets can be received from the kiosk of the shipping company at the departure port (usually, they are located at the gateway of the respective ship). In that case, the customer will receive the reservation code to his phone or via mail.  In case of hotel reservation or car rental, no special documents are sent. The customer simply receives an e-mail from www.tripark.com concerning the reservation data and the special confirmation code of the reservation.  Customers must print the confirmation or the voucher (if there is any) of the confirmation and submit them to the hotel or the car rental agency or any other provider of services as a proof of his reservation.  As far as packages' travel and other services are concerned, the user will receive the relevant documents from the office of tripark.com during the office hours.

11. Office Hours
The work hours of the website www.tripark.com, during which telephone transactions can be made, or even visits to the office of the company, are the following: Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00

12. Transactions– On line Payment
The website www.tripark.com provides the process of payment using a credit card, through the secure automated electronic payment system and the Paycenter of Piraeus Bank.  During the reservation process users are transferred to a special page of www.tripark.com website, which works with secure communication protocol, where they are urged to fill in their credit card data, which are sent encrypted to the Piraeus Paycenter for electronic processing. With the completion of the process, a relevant message, which confirms the success of the transaction and the completion of the reservation, appears. Otherwise a failure message appears and the user may contact our customer service department.  

13. 3D Secure
 Any credit card transaction is made in connection to the security system of Piraeus Bank, using the new application “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard Secure Code” required for the certification of the card holder, which is known as 3D Secure and offers protection from unauthorized use of the credit card particulars.   It is provided that the card shall be recorded to the Certification Service. The website www.tripark.com is one of the few e-shops which participate in this system of secure transactions in order to ensure the protection of its customers.

14. Payment methods
For every service offered through the website tripark.com, payment by credit card is possible.  For your best convenience, www.tripark.com suggests more payment methods, provided that the kind of fare or product as well as the management regulations allow it.  For example, for booking an airline ticket via the website www.tripark.com, payment can be made not only by credit card at the online system, but also by credit card by phone at the reservations department or even by making a deposit to the accounts of Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank etc.  Alternatively, you can pay in cash or by credit card directly at the offices of our company.  The payment methods which are available for each reservation are mentioned on the website at the last step of the reservation process, before the payment command.  However, regarding airline ticket reservation for low cost companies, the only possible method of payment is by credit card. If the customer does not have a credit card, then the reservation can be made and the ticket purchased only upon direct payment at the offices of www.tripark.com.  Regarding hotel reservations, the same payment methods apply which vary case by case.  Before the payment of every reservation, www.tripark.com is not obliged to transfer the tickets in electronic or other format or other travel documents to the user.  In some cases www.tripark.com may ask the customer to submit a relevant document which proves the address or a copy of the credit card or even the deposit receipt before the ticket is issued or any other service provided.

15. Financial fares – offers
We point out that during the search and until the final decision of the customer and the purchase of the ticket, it is possible that the fare is no longer available and as a result the system displays a relevant notification and a change in price. Such cases are inevitable as our system operates in real time, with immediate updates of availability and price changes. At each step of the reservation there is always the final and updated price of the ticket before the completion of the reservation.

16. Travel insurance
Users of www.tripark.com may have the possibility to obtain, within the offering services, travel insurance as an additional sales service to third parties. All packages of travel insurance/assistance are suggested and analyzed case by case on the basis of the trip duration and the departure and arrival country. We would like to point out that the purchase of travel insurance is provided only to Greek and Cyprian citizens who are under 75 years old. If users/customers who have purchased a travel package are older than 75 years, then they are not covered by the travel insurance and in addition, they bear full responsibility for the validity of their data during the reservation process.

17. Travel Documents
Customers bear full responsibility for the accuracy and validity of their travel documents as well as their submission, if necessary for the completion of their journey or any other service chosen. The users traveling abroad, have to comply with the applicable provisions of each country regarding the passports, visa, customs, taxes, health provisions as well as imports and exports provisions. The compliance with the above provisions burdens only the user/customer. On the website of www.tripark.com some information on each case is provided for the user’s convenience, but in no case www.tripark.com bears any responsibility for the validity and the integrity of this information and data.

18. Intellectual Property Rights – Trademarks
The intellectual property rights and the other protected rights relating to the website belong to www.tripark.com. The company holds the intellectual property rights for the content of the web page, which either belong to the company or the company exercise its legitimate rights to use them.

The name www.tripark.com and all the trademarks, logos and graphic designs which are represented on the website are the property of www.tripark.com.  The republication, reproduction, use or transmission of texts, pictures, graphics, logos, and any element of this website, in any manner and mean for commercial or other purposes are forbidden without the written permission of the company. The above mentioned are conditioned only for personal information and use.  www.tripark.com itself owns all rights, titles and interests, including all related copyrights, as well as suggestions, ideas, information data, recommendations, reviews, postings or other information that you provide on the websites and/or services (submissions) and you agree to assign such submissions to www.tripark.com free of charge. www.tripark.com can use or not these submissions in its sole discretion and also it reserves the right to record these registrations/submissions on the website or to reject them.

19. Changes/Amendments to the General Terms of Use
The Company reserves the right to amend the General terms of use at any time if this is necessary to safeguard the services offered, without any warning. The modifications of the terms of use enter into force directly after their notification, which can be made by all means, including, without limitation, posting them on the website. Each use of the website upon change/amendment will be deemed to constitute acceptance of these amendments by the user. The company may modify, postpone and discontinue, at any time, any specific feature of the site and respectively any service/product without any restriction. The validity of these terms and conditions of use are the same for all members/users and the exclusion of a member/user from their application is not possible, as well as their modification is not possible in order to serve interests of members/users or some members/users.

20. Responsibility of the User
The user is responsible for the compliance with the terms defined by each provider e.g. the terms defined by each airline company regarding the time of check in. Each particular provider shall inform the user on these terms. In case of violation of the general terms of use, the company reserves the right to reject commands related to the said reservation. To use this website, the user warrants that he/she is more than18 years old and undertakes the responsibility for the use of the website by underage on his/her behalf. If we are aware that the user is under 18 years old, then we would inform you that parental consent is required for the completion of the purchase. In any case, the website www.tripark.com bears no responsibility. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance to the law and in compliance with the listed terms of use. Any use of the website with misleading purposes, speculative purposes or for purposes that could cause malfunction in the provision of services, is forbidden. Any illegal activity while using the website will result in the exclusion of the user from access to the provided services.

21. Exclusion of Liability
www.tripark.com and its employees are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage arising from the use or inability to use the websites, the services or their existing content or that may be downloaded from and through them, or any information obtained on these sites, through their services. They are not also responsible for the cost of substitute services arising from unauthorized access or alteration of your transmissions or your data, including, but not limited to, the damages for profit loss, use, data or other intangible goods even if they are foreseen or even if www.tripark.com is informed about the possibility of such damages. You accept that the total liability of www.tripark.com, which derives from this contract, will not exceed the total initial amount received from you in order to have access to the sites and/or to use its services. Couriers, hotels and other suppliers that provide travel or other information on the website of www.tripark.com are independent companies and not agents or employees of www.tripark.com. www.tripark.com and its partners are not responsible for the acts, errors, omissions, warranties, violation or denial of any supplier or for any injury, death, property damage or other damages or compensation and expenses that may arise. www.tripark.com and its partners have no liability and will not reimburse any fact of delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other cause outside their direct control. It also bears no responsibility for compensation regarding any additional cost, omission or delay, change of schedule or governmental action or action of other authority. In addition, www.tripark.com bears no responsibility for the availability of each service or product.

22. Links
The Company does not control the availability, content, private policy concerning the protection of personal data, quality and integrity of the services of other web pages to which it refers through “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Therefore, for any problem arising during the visit/use, the user must apply directly to the respective web pages, which bear sole responsibility for the provision of their services. The Company in no way should be considered to adopt or accept the content or the services of these web pages to which it refers. Any embedded videos or Google maps concern external links and are subject to the above. The same applies to all the links related to the category of check in.

23. Applicable Law
The Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Greece. Any dispute arising from or in relation to the use of these Terms of Use or their violation shall be settled by Greek legislation. We apply the provisions of Greek Laws with regard to the management of Personal Data from wherever they are received and any property that is under the management of www.tripark.com complies with the local privacy laws of jurisdiction. The users reserve the rights recognized by the applicable Greek legislation (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data, Law 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications, M.D. 207/1998 and 79/2000) and the European law (No 95/46/EC and 2009/136/EC Directives of the European Union), especially the rights related to information, access and reputation.

24. Customers/Members - Passwords and Security
To sign in to certain parts of Websites and/or Services you have to obtain a Visitor account. Only the authorized and registered to www.tripark.com members can enter Websites and/or Services. To set up a user account, you shall complete the registration process providing www.tripark.com with timely, valid and accurate information, as the existing registration form defines. When you register to the Services, you accept to submit accurate, timely, valid information about you and your Organization, if there is any, and to update it immediately if necessary. If www.tripark.com suspects that this information is inaccurate, invalid, and not in time, it reserves the right, but not the obligation, to suspend or terminate your access to the Websites or your use of the Services and/or seek timely data from you. When you first enter the Services, you will be asked to choose a personal non-transferable password. You may also be asked to provide confidential information (such as mother's name, pet's name, city of birth etc.) which will be used by www.tripark.com to verify your identity in case you ask for it if you forget or lose your password. These personal data are not given to third parties, with the exception that they are provided for the Privacy Policy of Personal Data and are subject to the terms of the applicable (in that time) Privacy Policy of Personal Data or the Websites. We may use cookies to verify the identity of the users, when they are registered to the Websites. However, because it is difficult to verify the user's identity on the Internet, www.tripark.com cannot certify any alleged identity.   You are the sole responsible for all and every single activity recorded to your account and you have to ensure you sign out or sign in from your account at the end of each session. If you use a shared computer or a computer to which, possibly, more people have access, make sure you follow all relevant instructions in order to ensure you have properly signed out and you have left from the Websites and the computer system you were using so as to prevent others from accessing your account. In addition, the user is solely responsible for his/her personal equipment and the necessary technological means that allow him to have access to the services provided by this website.

   -Members' Privileges
www.tripark.com reserves the right to provide additional privileges to its registered members, on the basis of additional regulations governing the member club of www.tripark.com.  Key requirement so that the members are eligible or have access to these benefits is to sign into their account through its special context on the website or to notify the unique serial number given to each member upon registration, through the call center of www.tripark.com.  The members' privileges are listed in the regulations appeared on our websites within the context of registered members of www.tripark.com. 

IATA(Passengers Rights)
For more details concerning passengers rights, as listed in IATA, kindly press here