Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an electronic ticket, and which are its advantages?

The electronic ticket (e-ticket) represents the current and widely used way that virtually replaced the traditional tickets printed-on-paper.
All tickets issued by are e-tickets, sent electronically to the client’s email or SMS to the mobile phone provided during the booking process.
Upon completion of the ticket purchase, the client receives confirmation of their reservation by email or SMS and the system automatically informs the relevant airline’s booking system.
Therefore no electronic ticket has the risk of being lost, forgotten or stolen, since at the same instant which is being issued the ticket gets registered automatically both in the data base of the relevant airline as well as our own system digitally.
During airport check in, when flying with an e-ticket, you are required to provide only your passport or other identification document at the airline’s check-in counter, in order to directly receive your boarding pass, only in case web checkin is not previously required.

How can I pay for my flight ticket/s?

For every service offered through the online reservation system, VISA & MASTERCARD credit cards are considered as the default payment method.
In case the type of product, fare or any other management regulations permit so, additional payment methods will be displayed on the last step. For example, for some of the air tickets booked online through, apart from the option of paying by credit card, there is a possibility of payment through our bank account deposit via Piraeus Bank and National Bank of Greece*.
Alternatively you can also pay by cash or credit card directly at our offices. All payment methods, basic and alternative which are available for specific reservations, are displayed at the last booking step, where payment is required.

Please keep in mind that any alternative payment method other than credit card, which provides immediate confirmation, maintains the risk of not completing the booking and/or purchase order as they have strict option policies.

* Bank Accounts

  • National Bank of Greece:
    Account No.: 10400352463 / IBAN: GR2801101040000010400352463
  • Piraeus Bank:
    Account No.: 5029084777800 / IBAN: GR9201720290005029084777800
The above bank accounts refer to deposits regarding telephone bookings. Once the deposit is made, please contact the Customer Service Department at 216 3000 000 (Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00) or by email at by attaching the deposit receipt, and we will contact you.

How will I receive my e-ticket?

Nowadays all airline tickets are issued digitally (as e-tickets) and are sent to the user via email or by text message (SMS) to the mobile phone number which has been provided during the booking process.
Exceptionally in particular cases there might be a possibility to pick up the ticket at the airline’s airport office or from our office further to agreement.

Which are the seat categories in an airplane?

Generally seats on a plane are classified in three categories, depending always on the aircraft’s type and the configuration of seats as determined by each airline.
Economy Class: Economy class usually occupies the larger part of the aircraft cabin. These are seats cheaper in fare and provide the basic amenities and services. Snacks, sandwiches and soft drinks, (included in the ticket cost) are usually offered to passengers during conventional airlines’ flights, depending of course on the type and duration of the flight. This does not apply to low-cost airlines, which tend to offer food and beverages on board at extra cost on the spot.

Business Class: Business class is usually positioned in the front of the aircraft and offers additional amenities and services to the passengers. Seats are usually more spacious and there is a wider variety of dishes and drinks. The passengers enjoy various on-board entertainment choices. In most airports dedicated lounge areas are provided to business class passengers and sometimes even a separate check in desk is available for ease and comfort. Low-cost airlines do not usually provide business class on their flights.
First Class: First Class is, by definition, the most expensive among all categories, providing excellent comfort and highly personalized services on a luxurious level. Some of the special privileges for First Class passengers are flat-bed or deeply reclining seats, dedicated waiting lounge and private First Class check in area in most airports.

How can I book a flight online?

As a first step you have to enter a destination, travelling dates, the kind of journey (one-way or return) and the number of passengers.
Once clicking on the search button, results appear with the cheapest price available first, always based on your criteria. At the same time you can also see flights basic information such as operating airline, departure and arrival time and the number of stops (if any).
You can also narrow or customize the results with the filter options.
After choosing a flight and clicking on the “BOOKING” button you proceed to the next step, where you will be asked to fill out the required data.
After you finish filling out the details, pressing “NEXT STEP” button will take you to the payment step, where you have to choose among the proposed payment methods and fill out the necessary fields.
Once you complete all information and click on “PAYMENT” button, your booking is completed. Instantly a success message will appear on your screen and at the same time a booking confirmation will be sent to your email.

How often are, the flight schedules that appear, updated?

The data that appear as results on your screen after a search are based on instant seat and fare availabilities generated by the airlines at the same moment of your request and are valid for a limited or defined time, as they are real time availabilities which are constantly changing, depending on the bookings processed worldwide.
Real time availabilities feature lies in the direct connectivity and instant update between airline's seat and pricing inventories and our online booking system.

What and which are the low-cost airlines?

Nowadays, there are several so-called low cost carriers to almost every destination. We can indicate Vuelling, Ryanair etc as low cost airline examples.
The basic facts you shall keep in mind concerning the low cost carriers are:
1. The ticket price does not include the cost of baggage transportation – except of one piece of hand luggage max. 5-6 kgs . The extra fee and the maximum baggage weight is different for each airline and usually costs from 20 to 30 euros.
2. If travelling on a low cost airline, you should always follow an online web-check procedure as indicated by the carrier; otherwise regular airport check in is usually charged extra. This is why it is very important that your email address is correctly registered during the booking process.
3. Low-cost airlines tickets are issued only by credit card payment and they are usually nonrefundable in any case whatsoever.

Where can I find special offers from airlines?

During every search you make, the results that appear include any available active airline offer which is valid during this partucular time.

Can I buy a ticket without return?

Yes, on the search form, while entering your destination there is an option to choose one way ticket.
However, keep in mind that there are some occasions that – apart from the visa regulations - some countries might have the precondition that visitors must have also a return ticket for leaving the country in order to enter their borders in the first place.
The responsibility for complying with such special regulations lies with the passenger.

How do we choose passenger category relating to age? When does child ticket applyies?

Generally the usual age categories are as follows:
Adult – is considered a person older than 12 years of age.
Child – is considered a person older than 2years but less than 11years of age.
Infant – is considered a baby up to 2 years old.

Can I book flight tickets for any airline?

Yes, you can select any airline that is available through our online search engine.
In case you do not find the airline of your preference, we kindly request you to contact us.

How many days prior to my travel can I book a flight?

You can book a flight through our online search engine at least 48hours before the departure of your desired flight. In case you need a ticket for a journey within the next 48hours please contact us at +30 216 3000 000* in order to arrange your reservation by phone and instantly issue your ticket.
Maximum in-advance ticket purchase: the airlines usually provide schedules and seat inventories for a period of 6-8 months.
In case you are planning a future trip more than 6months ahead and you get no results for your search, please contact us by phone at +30 216 3000000*. Alternatively, please visit our site regularly for updates.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

How many passengers can I book a ticket for?

Our online booking system allows up to 9 seats booked simultaneously.
For any request concerning more than 9 persons travelling together, please kindly contact us by email or telephone.

Is it necessary to confirm my ticket before departure?

Reconfirmation is not required. However, in case a rather long period between the ticket purchase and your actual date of travel has passed, we suggest you call directly to the airline in order to confirm any possible change in the flight operation.
Sometimes the airlines modify the departure/arrival time, terminals or even cancel some flights. Additionally, in case you have been informed of extreme weather conditions, strikes or any such other situation that could interfere with your flight schedule, we recommend you contact directly the airline and/or the airport.
From our side, we always try to keep you informed for any modifications or changes that might occur from the airlines in due time.
Therefore it is very important to provide accurate contact details during the time of booking, like a valid telephone number were we can contact you throughout your journey.

I have selected a flight but cannot proceed to booking. What do I have to do?

Results are available for a specific length of time during which you must complete the booking process, since until you finalize the booking the seat cannot be guaranteed. 
This occurs due to high traffic and worldwide demand for flight tickets as the availabilities work on real-time updates. Please repeat your search!

Searching for cheap air tickets I found several offers, but when I tried to make a booking, the final price was higher than the original I have seen. Why does this happen?

Special offers with very low prices showed by the airlines, usually apply to a fairly limited number of seats, on specific travel dates and flights.
For this reason, in the short time that elapses from the original search until the final selection and payment of your ticket, the airline is likely to run out of availability on the requested cheap fare, so the system returns a warning about the price change and informs you on a new price for the next available fare level.
This unfortunately cannot be avoided, keeping in mind that our system operates in real time availability with instant updates on any modification in availabilities and prices.
Information about the final price of the ticket is available in every step of the booking process and is displayed for your perusal during the booking and before the purchase of the ticket.
We suggest you try a new search by deleting all history and cookies from your browser.

Can I use my credit card to buy a ticket for a different person?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for a different person.

Can I book a flight over the phone? Is there any extra fee for this?

Of course. Feel free to call our Customer Support at 216 3000 000* and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.
Keep in mind that there is an extra fee for air tickets booked through our call center, at 5€ per booking for both domestic and international flights.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

How can I be sure that my reservation has been completed?

Upon completion of your reservation and moments after you click the “Payment” button an automatic message will appear on your screen informing you about the success of your booking, providing the booking reference together with the details of the reservation.
Copy of this confirmation message will be sent automatically to the email address you provided as contact information.
In case you do not see a success appear at all or you do not receive any confirmation e-mail, you should contact us immediately at 216 3000 000* in order to check if your booking has been completed.
There might be a connection interruption between your computer and our site, without our knowledge or our responsibility, mainly due to a local network connection problem you might have or any other technical problem.
In any of these cases, please call us immediately to check your booking status.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

I have completed my booking but did not receive any confirmation email. What should I do?

In case you do not receive the confirmation email in a short time, you have to call our Customer Support at 216 3000 000* or send an e-mail through the Contact Form of our reservations department in order to check if any problem occurred with your reservation whatsoever.
Please also check your bulk/junk inbox prior to calling.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

I received the confirmation e-mail but I realized that there is a mistake. What should I do?

Once you receive the confirmation e-mail, you should immediately review that all your data are noted correctly (name, date, destination or intermediate stops).
Should you notice any errors or omissions on your reservation details, you must notify us immediately and in any event within the same calendar day.
Mistakes which are reported on the next working day, from which the reservation was made by the user, may possibly not be eligible for correction.
We will make every effort to correct any error, from our side, but cannot guarantee that the correction will be possible without any additional cost, not even in the case you have notified us in time.
Many providers, especially airlines, do not allow corrections after the ticket is issued and recorded at their database.
Please note that an overdue reporting of a mistake made by the user or the inability to correct it, does not arise withdrawal rights to the user from the contract in any way.

Are there instructions/preconditions for disabled persons or those with reduced mobility for travelling?

Under the EU legislation, persons with disabilities and/or reduced mobility are protected from any discrimination against them when booking an air ticket and boarding. They are entitled to assistance at the airport when boarding / disembarking and also inside the aircraft cabin.
To facilitate and ensure the appropriate assistance, you are expected to give at least 48 hours advance notice of your particular needs to the airline at least 48 hours or to your travel agent.
This way the airport managing and assistance providers will be notified properly in advance and will be responsible to provide the requested assistance needed before boarding the aircraft.
As far as your onboard assistance needs are concerned, we suggest contacting directly the relevant airline and providing all necessary details about your particular assistance needs. For some special assistance services e.g. use of supplementary oxygen or extra seats an extra charge may occur from the airline.
The certified assistance dogs are accommodated in the passenger cabin provided that proper, in-advance, notification is made to the air carrier.
Persons with disabilities or reduced mobility shall be present for check in at the airport at least two hours before the scheduled departure time, in order for the requested assistance services and pre-boarding priority to be provided.
We suggest that bookings for passengers who need special assistance are to be made through our Call center at +30 216 3000 000* in order for all the necessary information and guidance to be provided by our dedicated costumer service staff.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

Pregnancy and air travel.

Most airlines allow boarding for pregnant women until the 28th week of their pregnancy, provided that they do not have any known complication, whilst from the 29th to the 32nd week of pregnancy a written consent statement by a gynecologist or an obstetrician is required.
During the ninth month air travel should be limited in general, but short trips less than 4 hours are usually allowed, provided that all previous Medical Clearance process has been completed by an gynecologist or obstetrician.
Particular regulations and procedures vary depending on the airline, so we suggest you to contact the airline directly for more details.

What documents do I need when travelling?

For each air travel, valid and governmentally issued official documents are required to certify the identification of the person travelling.
When travelling by air within the Schengen area, you can simply use your ID card which must be in the new form, meaning to include English characters. In any other cases you are required to carry your passport along.
WARNING: Make sure to check your passport's expiration date, as it must be valid for the entire duration of your stay abroad. Additionally, depending on your destination, some countries even demand a 6 month validity of your passport after your return departure date to ensure that you will be leaving the country.
The countries participating in Schengen treaty – beyond Greece are:Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Rep., Finland.
For travelling outside Schengen area, obtaining visa from all the countries involved, as destination or as transit point, is a necessary precondition.
For detailed information on visa regulations and procedures, please contact directly the consulate of the country you wish to visit.

Do children need travel documents?

Passport and visa (depending on the destination) is absolutely required for children, even infants, like all adult passengers.
For travel solely within Greece, a child can travel with a birth certificate or with the social security booklet (IKA etc.)
In case the child is not accompanied by both parents, regardless of their marital status at the time of the travel a written, signed and ratified by the police consent is required by the other parent or guardian.
For confirmation regarding necessary procedures and documents, please contact the airline company.

Can a child travel without adult companion?

Most airlines allow children over 5 years of age to travel unaccompanied on direct flights or on connecting flights that do not involve overnight at a transit point. The regulations and restrictions vary from company to company and also from country to country.
Children younger than 5 years old cannot travel without being accompanied by an older person (usually aged at least 15 and over) and payment for a special, dedicated escort service provided by the airline is mandatory.
For children over 5 years old this fully dedicated escort service is optional. The airlines offer a simple escort that includes assistance during the boarding process from the check in desk right to the airplane and during the disembarkation at the final destination or at any intermediate point. The child is escorted to the arrival hall, where is delivered to the person only after identifying him/herself as the person you put in charge to take the child.
Some countries apply more restrictions than others concerning the travel of unaccompanied minors (e.g. in Moldavia a parent consent is required for the air travel of any underage 18years old child).
In any case, if you like to book and purchase air ticket from, you are kindly requested to call our Customer Support at 216 3000000*, as ticket issuance using the online booking engine is not possible for unaccompanied children.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

Can I purchase a ticket for an infant? Is there any discount for infants?

All passengers under 2years of age must be accompanied by an adult and must hold a separate air ticket with the relevant fare. The infant can travel with this type of ticket provided that is seated on the parent's lap.
If one adult is travelling with two babies under his/her care, one of the children needs to have a child discounted ticket instead of baby-discounted one, in order to ensure that an additional seat will be foreseen for that child for safety reasons.

Are pets allowed on the plane?

Policies and regulations as well as the cost of travel for pets inside the passenger cabin or in the special cargo area, vary between airlines and countries and depend on the particular aircraft type involved in your journey.
Most airlines allow small pets (a cat or a dog less than 8kgs) in the passenger cabin, provided that the approval for the specific travel dates and flight is authorized by the airline, based always on availability and priority.
For this reason we suggest contacting the airline immediately once your booking has been made or within the next 24hours. You can also call our Customer Support at department at 216 3000000* in order to assist you in notifying the airline.
In case of negative feedback by the airline (since there is a limitation on the number of pets allowed on every aircraft), and in case you have already issued the air ticket, it might not be possible to cancel it. We strongly suggest that you should first contact the airline and ensure availability for pet transportation and then proceed with the booking and final purchase of your ticket.
The pet-ticket can only be issued and paid for at the airport, directly at the airline's office. In any case, you are required to present all necessary documents such as “European Pet Passport”, health certification from your veterinarian and the microchip of pet-identification.
You should also arrange an appropriate transport case that must fit under the seat in front of you and at the same time to be spacious enough for your pet to stand in it and be able to make a turn.
In case that your pet must travel in the special pet-section inside the cargo area of the aircraft (e.g. weight over 8kgs), you must contact directly the airline in order to arrange all relevant procedures.
Feel free to call us at +30 216 3000 000* to assist you.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

How long should I be at the airport before my flight departs?

In order to ensure that you have enough time at your disposal for all check in, luggage check procedures and security controls and also to be ready to board on-time, we strongly advise you to be at the airport early.
A widely recommended check-in time for domestic flights is usually 1,5 hours before departure, while for international departures at least 2,5 hours before flight is proposed.
Apart from the check-in time you must give special attention to the latest boarding time that is printed on your boarding pass along with the number of the boarding gate.
Failure to meet the latest boarding time involves the risk of losing your flight, if the gate closes and at the same time you lose any right for a full refund.

Is smoking allowed on the plane?

Smoking is prohibited throughout your flight. Smoking is also not allowed at the airports since they are considered as public areas.
Smokers should seek for particular “smoking areas” within the airport facilities if such exist in the airport you are located at.

What special requirements involve the travel to the USA?

Since April 5th, 2010 Greek citizens also participate in the Visa Waiver Program.
In case you travel to the USA for a duration of up to 90days, you will need the ESTA approval, which you can submit electronically here, at least 72 hours prior to your journey.
Should your request be approved, the cost is about 14 US dollars in total. (Note: 4USD in advance and the rest upon the approval of your request).

What is a frequent flyer program ?

A frequent Flyer program is a member benefit program which most airlines offer to their regular passengers providing special benefits.
The purpose of this program is to provide the best possible service optimized to the customer's particular needs and at the same time supply various privileges as defined by each airline's member program or the entire alliance's program in which the airline is a member.
For more information you should contact the airline directly.

How do I join a frequent flyer program?

Each airline establishes its own conditions and regulations regarding their frequent flyer program.
For more detailed information, please contact the airline of your interest by phone or via their website.

How many luggage and hand luggage can I carry along?

Free baggage allowance details are written on your e-ticket if available. They may correspond to weight limitations or number of pieces with specific dimensions restrictions depending on the airline.
During the booking process, there is a baggage image that is displayed in case baggage is included in the ticket price. For tickets that do not include the cost of the baggage transportation in the ticket price extra baggage must be purchased at an additional cost.
Many airlines offer the pre-payment possibility for additional baggage.
Carry-on baggage which you can take with you onboard is usually one piece with limited weight and dimension restrictions that differ among the airlines.
The EU regulations allow maximum dimension 55cmX45cmΧ25cm (handles, external pockets and wheels included), and maximum weight 7kgs.
The checked-in baggage allowance is usually 1 piece, 20-23kgs per passenger holding Economic class tickets and 2 pieces, 40kgs total for First or Business class passengers.
The weight limitation depends also on the carrier, the destination and the ticket fare category. Please always check your particular ticket for details.
Keep in mind that in case the weight of your baggage exceeds the maximum allowance, you will be charged with a fee per extra kilogram at the airport during the check-in process.

How can I arrange the transportation of any special equipment?

You should be aware that transporting any special equipment always means an extra cost for the passenger and requires special procedures and packaging requirements.
For the transportation of bicycles, skiing or hunting equipment etc. confirmation from the airline at least 72 hours before departure is absolutely mandatory.
Some carriers also require pre-payment of the cost, based on the fact that they make some in-advance preparation for the transportation. Such pre-payment is non-refundable. The charge depends on the type of equipment, weight and volume and usually must be paid on spot.
We suggest that you contact the airline to get detailed information on the cost and other loading requirements and procedures.

How can I purchase additional baggage?

For tickets that do not include the cost of baggage transportation, with the exception of one piece of hand-baggage that must weight usually less than 5-7kgs, during the booking, and if choosing a low cost airline or any other carrier that follows a similar policy, gives you the option to register your baggage, selecting the number of luggage and the corresponding cost.
For more information contact us by email at or by phone at +30 216 3000000*.
Please note that prices vary depending on the airline and destination. An indicative cost for a European destination, ex. Athens, is between 10 to 18 Euros per baggage.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

Which items are restricted on an air trip?

Under the new European Union aviation safety regulations passengers are prohibited to carry the following items:
See the official list of prohibited items in your cabin baggage here.
See the list of prohibited items in your hold luggage here.
You can also check your airport's website for a detailed list of prohibited items or ask your airline before travelling.

Can I have my laptop/tablet or other electronic device in the cabin with me?

Yes, laptop or tablet devices are allowed inside the passenger cabin.
Please note that you are requested to display these items separately during the airport security controls. The same applies to other electronic devices ex. iPod, PSP, music players etc.

In case I don’t have a direct flight, what happens with my luggage?

As long as your trip transport points are included in the same ticket, your airline arranges to send your luggage to the final destination.
Please kindly confirm the process upon your first check in.

My baggage is lost. What should I do?

You should immediately contact the relevant lost and found office of your airline directly while at the airport.
Do not forget to keep the baggage tags that are usually attached to your boarding pass until you pick up your baggage, as they work like baggage identification documents and are absolutely necessary in case of any problem.

Can I modify or even cancel my ticket? Is there a charge for that?

In regards to changes after ticketing, will make every effort to respond to such requests for changes or cancellations within business hours, if possible, but cannot commit in meeting a timeframe less than 8 working hours.
For any change or cancellation you are required to communicate your request through the special form for changes or cancellations which is available on our site by entering the required information (reservation number, name etc.).
Once your request is sent to our system via this designated form, one of our authorized service representatives will contact you for details in order to assist you with your claim.
A handling fee for change or cancellation requests is requested at an approximate cost of 10€, apart from any other cancellation penalty or change fee imposed by the airlines themselves, depending on each specific case.

If I do not use my ticket at all, will I get my money back?

Conditions for changes or cancellation together with any other limitations on fares etc, are clearly and analytically stated during the reservation process and in the respective sections of our site and all users accept unconditionally the terms as defined by the relevant carrier/provider of the services (payment page),upon the payment/purchase.
If a refund is in order and in which cases this may apply depends solely on the airline and the type of fare.
In general, airport taxes which are additionally calculated to air fares, are refundable for the part of your travel which has not been used, with some exceptions (fuel surcharges are usually nonrefundable by the airlines).
In all cases, our staff will contact the relevant airline and inform you about your options.
Regarding cancellations you are requested to use the special form for changes or cancellations available on our site by entering the required information (reservation number, name etc.). Once your request is sent to our system via this special form, one of our authorized service representative will contact you for details in order to assist you with your claim.
A handling fee for cancellation requests applies at an approximate cost of 25euros, apart from any other cancellation penalty imposed by the airlines themselves, depending on each specific case.

Can I change the passenger name?

Most airlines do not allow name change after ticket issuance. However, in exceptional cases and depending on the severity of the change reason, the airline may consent to some correction or change, with an extra charge.
Please contact us for more information.
We remind you, that immediately after receiving the booking confirmation email, you are asked to check that all your data is correctly stated on the email and notify us immediately of any errors within the same day. will make every possible effort to correct any errors, but in no case can we guarantee that the correction of the error will not impose an extra cost, not even in the case of a timely alert by the user.
Please note also that late reporting of any error or the inability to correct them, in no way entitles the user withdrawal rights from the contract. Please be extremely cautious upon the booking process to fill in every type of data correctly following the instructions.

What if I wish the amount of refund to go into a different bank account than the one used for the payment process?

Refund for whatever reason can be made only in the same way and to the same account that was used for the purchase – e.- credit card or bank transfer.
In case you have some particular problem, e.g. closed the specific account or cancelled the particular credit card, please contact us at +30 216 3000000* to advise you further.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

Can I cancel a reservation if the ticket is not on my name?

Flight tickets can be cancelled – provided that the fare rules allow cancellation – only by the passenger, whose name is on the ticket - or/and the card holder whose credit card was used for the purchase and always presenting a valid identification document. Refunds are always done in the same manner as payment – to the same credit card or bank account number from which the payment was originated.

Can I modify my ticket leaving the travelling dates open?

No ticket with open dates can be issued by definition.
In case you need to change your ticket but you cannot define a new travel date at the moment, you should contact immediately Customer support.
It is mandatory that any such request is made prior to your original travel date.
Alternatively you can send your request through the special form of changes available on our site, and we will inform you about your options depending on the airline and the type of your fare.

I did not fly for the first half (part) of my trip. Can I use my ticket to fly the rest of my journey?

In case you do not fly the first of your flights as stated on the ticket, you jeopardize your entire journey to be cancelled by the airline.
Passengers, who have purchased a ticket that includes a connecting series of flights, should use these flights in the order they are reserved. Most airlines apply the reasonable assumption-, that if a passenger without previous notification does not show up to fly, and by this manner leave his/her seat vacant, obviously will not fly on any other connecting flight.
Generally, if you do not use your ticket on the date and flight it is booked for at the beginning of your trip, the airlines reserve the right to cancel all of your consecutive booked flights. Moreover, they follow more stringent regulations regarding the ticket refund and the date change penalties they apply.
For this reason keep in mind to notify us in time or the airline itself, in case of any modification in your travelling dates prior to the starting day of your trip.

What happens if the airline changes its flights?

There are circumstances where the airlines themselves change flight schedules, departure times or even flight numbers.
Our staff will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible about such changes, so that you will be able to modify your program, provided of course, that the airline will promptly inform us of any change, and at the same time, that the contact information you provided during the booking process (phone number in the country of your origin and your destination), are correct.
In some cases the customer might be entitled to compensation from the airline, in accordance with the Rights of Passenger established by the EU.
The responsibility in such cases lies solely on the airline itself, and in no case to

Can I change my return date during my trip?

For any change or cancellation you are requested to fill out the special form for Changes and Cancellations available at, entering all necessary details requested (reservation number, name etc.)
Once your request is sent to our system via this special form, one of our authorized service representative will contact you for details in order to assist you with your claim.
Alternatively you can contact the respective airlines’ office locally, or their airport representatives.

I am serving the army. Can I buy a special military discounted ticket from

Unfortunately no, these special discount tickets can be exclusively issued by the airlines directly.

Why should I choose ? is a modern web site, using state-of-the-art technology on online travel services , providing a full range of products and services at the most economic prices on the market, assuring excellent buying experience to its users.
With its innovative design and navigation facility, provides clients the opportunity to explore and exploit all proposed options, selecting the product of their choice.

Is there any service fee for the online bookings?

A detailed cost analysis based on the sales policy applied to each product at the particular time period is available on each booking. It can either include service charges or – due to a particular promotion campaign – may not include any.
In each case, the cost is clearly displayed in detail before finalizing your booking.

Can I receive an invoice for my booking?

During the booking process, you can choose the option “Invoice” instead of “Receipt”. 
You just have to fill in the additional fields.

When is my credit card charged? What does this charge include?

The total payable amount includes ticket fare, airport taxes and fees, service fee – if applicable - and also the cost of any additional service you might have selected.
Your card is charged upon the last step during the booking process, when on the payment page you fill out the requested details of your card and click the “Payment” button. Our system will process the provided data and complete the booking.
Please note, that in the case your credit balance is not sufficient enough to cover the total payable amount for the purchase, the payment process will fail, consequently your air ticket will not be issued and you will see a message notifying the unsuccessful transaction on screen.

How is my credit card details secured? Are the online transactions at safe? recognizes the importance of security concerning Personal Data and the confidentiality and security of online transactions.
We guarantee that every reasonable measure to protect them from any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, misuse, alteration or destruction is taken. Details on our secure payment policy can be found here.

What can I do if my credit card is rejected?

In case your credit card is not accepted during the online payment process, you can call at +30 216 3000 000* in order to assist you by offering some alternative way of payment if available.
Alternatively you can try with a different credit card.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

How can I select credit card payment with monthly installments?

In case that the type of the booking and the kind of service you wish to pay for supports monthly installments, then during the last booking step, where you are asked to fill in your credit card details, you will see an option box “installments”.
You simply select the number of installments from the available list and click the "PAYMENT" button. The system processes your information and completes the booking.
You should be aware that if your credit balance at the time of booking does not cover the value of the purchase, the payment will not be accepted, so your ticket will not be issued and a failure message will appear on your screen.

Why is my credit card not accepted?

There are many possible reasons of a credit card failure message. As an example some of them might be:
- Mistyping your card number. Please try typing again, without leaving spaces.- No sufficient credit balance to cover the amount of the purchase at that moment.
- A temporary problem with your bank’s online system connection.- You might have not yet activated your card, although it is new and valid. You are advised to contact your bank.
- Your credit card is not Visa or Mastercard.
In any case, you can make another try and if the problem persists -, call us at 216 3000 000*.
Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00

Can I buy a ticket using some else’s credit card?

Such a booking is possible, provided that you have all the necessary details. In case of a reservation by phone, a written authorization on behalf of the card holder has to be available by fax.

I forgot / lost my booking reference number and/or my reservation details.

There should be no worry, as your air tickets are in digital form, registered and saved on our servers. For most airlines, you can go directly and check in with your passport or identification document directly at the airport.
You can always contact us in order to send you a copy by e-mail.

I filled out my credit card details but my booking was not successful. Is my credit card charged?

In case you do not receive an email confirmation about your booking it normally means, that your credit card was not processed by our system at all and no charge is made.
However, if you see any charge on your card generated by, even though your booking was not completed, kindly contact us in order to further investigate the issue.

What is CVV2 ?

CVV2 is an important security feature for credit card transactions. It is actually the last group of numbers (3 digits) located in the back side of your credit card, right in the signature space.
It is not part of your regular credit card number.CVV2 stands for “Card Verification Value” and it enhances fraud protection and helps validating the credit card.
Most importantly it is not stored or saved anywhere on our web page.

What is 3D secure ?

3D secure is a new term used to describe the security technology that has been developed by VISA and MasterCard in their effort to improve e-commerce transaction and gain the customers trust for credit card usage during online purchases. is one of the very few online travel agencies to participate in the secure transactions program, in order to ensure the safety of its customer’s transaction and implements the «Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure code» certification program.

Which is the necessity for using 3D secure?

The increase in the usage of credit cards online is a natural consequence as online transactions are increasing due to the vast speed of technology and the easiness that it provides.
Since there are still serious concerns regarding the increase of illegal use of credit cards online, VISA and MasterCard are two companies who have implemented this new protocol of 3D secure, which targets the maximum security of online payments and transactions via credit card.

How does 3D secure work?

3D secure has been invented primary to protect customers and it is technically a certification process. When the credit card holder is providing its data during an online transaction, an extra username and password is required in order to confirm his/her identity.
Practically, during the process extra fields are presented within the payment tab by the “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard” security service, which the client must fill with his credentials in order to confirm his identity.
In case the buyer has not registered yet to the service, by clicking the registration button he/she is automatically transferred to the issuing bank web site in order to complete the process.
Note: The buyer has the right to overpass 3 times in total this procedure but he has to complete it the fourth time he uses his card for an online transaction with 3D secure.3D secure is valid at present only for cards Visa & MasterCard for which the issuing bank supports the 3D secure process.

Why should we use 3D secure technology?

3D secure is the latest and most efficient way in assuring secure transactions and preventing illegal activities using credit cards online.
Since it refers to an extra personal code that the buyer is asked to insert, while his bank is responsible for providing this, there is a significant low to the possibilities of electronic and online fraud.Additionally, issuing banks, using 3D secure technology are taking full coverage of the fraud risk. is one of the very few online travel agencies to provide that service, using 3D secure technology.
The purchase procedure might at first look a little bit more complicated but it absolutely serves the purpose it is made for, which is to secure your transactions overall.