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Important Information

Web Check In: Earn time by using the Web Check in service of the airline you are traveling with, selecting your seat. If you trip involves more than one airline, it is possible that you might have to use each airlines Web Check in service separately. Visit the airline official web site to find the Web Check in link if supported by the specific airline.

Check in: The common suggested check-in time for domestic flights is 1 ½ hour in advance and for international flights at least 2 ½ hours before. Other than the time of check in you should also pay attention to the boarding time of your flight, which is written on your boarding pass along with the boarding gate number. Not complying with the boarding time regulations, as set, risks missing your flight..

Travel documents: You are kindly requested to always have with you a valid identity or passport for your journey. Should you be travelling within the European Union (European Countries link), a passport is not necessary but a valid piece of identity (new type) is mandatory. For the rest of the countries, you will need a passport for which, the duration of its validity depends on the destination country’s regulations. You might also need to have a (VISA) for entering some countries. For all the above reasons we highly recommend you request for requirements and information from the Consulate of Embassy of the country you are visiting, in case of denial of entry from a country the passenger is to be held responsible as well as for any financial consequences there might be should the passenger not be accepted by the country’s authorities.

Luggage: There is a specific limit of luggage allowance as determined by each airline. It is commonly referred as pieces (ex. 1PC) or as kilograms (ex 20KGS) or 0 PC and is stated on your ticket. 

Regulations/Rights: The European Union has stated laws and regulations referring to passengers, in order to provide legal statement and for the passenger to be informed of their rights. For further information regarding your passenger rights you can visit the European Committee site at 

IATA(Passengers Rights):
For more details concerning passengers rights, as listed in IATA, kindly press here.

Cancellations: For any change or cancellation you must use the special form for changes or cancellation on the website of filling out all necessary details (booking number, name, e.t.c.). Once your request is registered into the system, a customer service agent will contact you for all the details. Fare restrictions, cancellation and changes regulations as well as any additional surcharge, is specified by the airlines themselves and are reported in the fare rules.
A surcharge for handling your request is arranged depending on the service you have booked in addition to any cancellation charge or change charge required from the airline. 
All requests for changes should be made prior to the departure date in order to avoid being considered as a non-show passenger. In case you do not travel for the first part of your trip, the airline might cancel all your coupons/connections. Passengers who have purchased a ticket for a trip which involves a series of flights, are obliged to use their flights with the predefined order. Most airlines are following the hypothesis that when a passenger does not show up to fly without any prior notice, leaving a vacancy (no-show), is most expected not to fly the rest of his trip.