Top Spring Destinations

Top Spring Destinations

Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York City and London…

The best cities to spot early spring!

New York Central Park Bow Bridge springBook a cheap flight to Tokyo and discover the Japanese custom of flower viewing “Hanami”, along with the most beautiful traditional gardens. The Plum Blossom festival “Ume Matsuri” (February-March) and the Cherry Blossom festival “Sakura Matsuri” (late February - mid May) attract travelers from all over the world who fly to Japan in order to be a part of these outstanding spring celebrations. The Hanegi Park hosts the plum blossom festival “Setagaya Ume Matsuri” from mid-February to early March. At the same period you will also enjoy the blossom at the Japanese garden Koishikawa Korakuken. Another plum blossom festival is the Bunkyu Ume Matsuri that takes place in the Yushima Tenjin Shrine. The Cherry blossoms last just for two weeks. So, before you book your cheap flight to Tokyo, keep an eye on the year’s blooming forecasting! Usually, Hanami starts in Tokyo in late March. See the amazing view of cherry blossoms and catch all the action at Ueno Park, Yasukuni Shrine, Shinjuku Gyoen, Sumida Koen Park in Asakusa and Chidorigafuchi Park.

Book a cheap flight to New York City during the springtime months and see spring bloom in the city’s 843-acre park! Central Park is the best spot to hunt early spring signs. Head to the Shakespeare’s Garden, the Conservatory Garden, the Great Lawn and the Ramble. You can also visit the Narrows Botanical Gardens in Bay Ridge, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden - famous for the Asiatic dogwood trees, the Prospect Park - also in Brooklyn, the Bronx Botanical Garden and the public park “High Line” in Manhattan’s West Side.

Holland Lisse Keukenhof garden springBook a cheap flight to Amsterdam and visit the world famous tulip fields in Bollenstreek region. Also known as the “Flower Strip”, it is home to Keukenhof. The Keukenhof Flower Garden in Lisse, just an hour away from Amsterdam, is one the most beautiful attraction in the Netherlands and one of the largest flower gardens in the world! The 32-hectares garden opens every spring from 23th of March till the 21st of May. During that period visitors are able to see the blooming flowers, starting with snow whites and crocus in February and March, daffoldils in March and April, hyacints and tulips in April and May. If you plan to book your cheap flight to Amsterdam at the end of April, do not miss the Flower Parade that will be held on Saturday, 22 April 2017. In Amsterdam there are also some really nice spots to admire the spring bulbs like Vondelpark, Hortus Botanicus and Amsterdamse Bos. 

Book a cheap flight to London and enjoy a spring break in England. London’s gardens and parks are full of beautiful blooms. Visit the Hampstead Pergola & Hill Gardens and lose yourself in the dramatic and nostalgic gardens or head to Kyoto Garden, the Kaiyu-shiki - style garden in Holland Park. You will admire March birth flowers at Chiswick Gardens, Cannizaro Park, St James’s Royal Park and Kenwood’s tranquil gardens. Kensington Gardens, Privy Garden at Hampton Court and Queen Victoria Memorial Gardens are famous for their colorful tulips. If you plan to fly to London in April, don’t miss the cherry blossoms at Kew Gardens and Regent’s Park. As for Hyde Park, it is one of the largest parks, offering more activities than anywhere else in London.