The best destinations in Europe...

The best destinations in Europe...

For an unforgettable bachelor party!

Book cheap flights to Berlin, Prague, Barcelona and Amsterdam and host an unforgettable bachelor party!

beer pub Berlin

Are you getting married this spring? Congratulations! Your single days are over and soon you will be walking down the aisle to marry your beloved. But just before that…. don’t forget to toast to your pre-married self together with your buddies! After all, a crazy weekend with your best friends is one of the memories that you will never forget in your life.

As we all know, bachelor parties are typically organized by the best man or woman. To throw a successful bachelor party, you need to be sure of the guest list and the location. Picking the right location is very important. Whether it is a long haul destination or a city close to your hometown, it should definitely be that place where you will have the most fun, feel free, comfortable and not exceed your wedding budget. Although many destinations offer great options for successful bachelor and bachelorette parties, the cost of getting there is very high. Finding cheap flight tickets is essential and will ensure lots of fun during your bachelor weekend at affordable prices! So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the following European destinations and throw a party to remember!

Fly to Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant, bustling city with many entertainment hotspots. There are many museums, galleries, exhibitions and famous landmarks to visit during the day, while at night, Berlin’s nightlife is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Check all the cheap flights to Berlin and fly to the best clubbing destination in Europe! In Berlin you will try the greatest local beer at its beer halls and pubs, party all night at the coolest bars and clubs and experience the world-famous electronic music scene. Berlin caters for all tastes and budgets, plus there are many shopping and dining options for ladies and gentlemen.

Fly to Amsterdam

dj mixing music in night clubAmsterdam is a lovely city with beautiful canals, bridges, parks, windmills and amazing architecture. However, it is also a naughty city and as they say “what happens to Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam”. The coffee shops, the red lights district, the eccentric culture and the frenetic nightlife will make you get loose and go wild for one last time. Book cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam and get ready to discover the city where the law can “turn a blind eye” to your mischief!

Fly to Prague

Prague is a destination perfect for bachelor parties. The accommodation prices, food and airfare tend to be more affordable and there are many activities for brides and grooms. The city offers a great variety of entertainment including paintball, indoor sky diving, beer tours at traditional bars, music festivals, black theater shows, gambling and clubbing at major dance clubs. Check all the cheap flights to Prague and have a crazy weekend without spending a lot of money.

Fly to Barcelona

Tapas bars, yacht rides, beaches, Catalan dances and football…This colorful city has it all! The capital of Catalonia is the place where you will enjoy the pleasures of life. The weather is sunny, ideal for sunbathing, beach biking, karting and cruises. The food is delicious and the waterfront restaurants serve amazing seafood! The city’s architecture is world famous thanks to Gaudi’s masterpieces, the squares and pedestrians streets are filled with people and when it comes to football, everyone goes to Camp Nou to see FC Barcelona play. Book cheap flight tickets to Barcelona and get a taste of Mediterranean heaven!