Spend your holidays like a Parisian!

Spend your holidays like a Parisian!

Travelling to Paris? Combine your trip with summer vacation in Normandy!

France Normandy Mont Saint MichelIf you have booked your cheap flight to Paris from May to mid-October, don’t miss a trip to Normandy. It is a popular summer destination, close enough for a short break from Paris. Driving around Normandy, is the best way to explore the area and discover the region’s beauties. Have a look at our must see destinations and plan your vacation accordingly:

The Devon of northern France, as it is often called, is a place of rolling grasslands, bucolic landscapes, long dunes, time-forgotten villages, seaside resorts and impressive coastline. One of the most popular destinations is Deauville. The seaside resort boasts a sandy beach, a promenade, stylish restaurants, designer boutiques, luxurious hotels, two racetracks, several marinas, plus the Port of Morny with the famous Yacht club. Two kilometers northeast of Deauville, lies its twin seaside town, Trouville. The beach resort might not be as posh as Deauville, but it attracts many visitors who want to experience its laid-back charm along with its beautiful beach, the fishing port and the historic mansions.

If you are planning to fly to Paris this summer and you have plenty of time for day trips, drive towards Honfleur. The picturesque town with the old harbor, boasts many attractions including the 16th century house of the Lieutenant, the Maritime Museum, the Eugene Boudin Museum and the gothic Saint Catherine’s church.

If you want to visit France’s second largest port, head north. About 25 km away, lies Le Havre. The city that was heavily damaged during WWII, today features many modern architecture buildings, designed by the famous Belgian architect Auguste Perret.

France Normandy Etretat Cote d'AlbatreCombine your trip to Le Havre with a visit to Étretat. The seaside resort is famous for its scenic location on the Côte d'Albâtre coastline. The timeless beauty of the landscape and the dramatic white cliffs inspired Monet to capture them in his paintings!

Located just 16.2 km from Étretat, Fecamp is another summer destination that you can visit during your trip to Paris. The seaside resort was established in 1832 and was extremely popular among France’s high society. Enjoy a walk around its fishing harbor, visit the Trinity Abbey or head to the Valmont to see the medieval castle.

The picturesque ancient town of Rouen and the town of Dieppe are two other must-see during your trip around Normandy. The seaside resort on the Channel coast boasts a two km beach, the 15th century castle Château de Dieppe, the beautiful churches of Saint Remy and Saint Jacque, the busy square Place du Puits-Salé and some memorials to the Canadian troops and the liberation of Dieppe in 1944.

To the West, you will find the port city of Caen and the town of Bayeux. The last one is famous for its cobbled streets, the Norman-Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame and the 11th-century tapestry Tapisserie de Bayeux.

Last but not least, don’t miss the island Le Mont-Saint-Michel. If you plan to travel outside Paris, this medieval pilgrimage destination should definitely be on your list! It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most famous tourist sights in France! During your visit, climb the 350 steps to the top to see the 12th century Abbey and to enjoy the breathtaking view.

So, once you booked your cheap flights to Paris, plan your vacation wisely and take some extra time to visit the best summer destinations in Normandy!