Must visit colonias in Mexico City

Must visit colonias in Mexico City

Are you thinking of travelling to Mexico City?

Here’s a list of the best neighborhoods to visit during your trip!

Mexico City Bellas Artes Palace of Fine ArtsYou have just booked your cheap flights to Mexico City and started planning your vacation. Mexico City is a huge city with 9 million residents and uncountable neighborhoods that are known as “colonias”. Each one of them has its own identity and history. Have a look at the most beautiful and historic ones and plan your trip accordingly.

Centro Historico

A must-see on your trip to Mexico City! Here you will find some of the biggest attractions such as the Zocalo square, the Aztec Temlo Mayor, the Palacio National, the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Catedral Metropolitana. There are many cantinas, markets, rooftop restaurants, charming hotels and restored mansions.

Condesa and Roma

Lush, charming neighborhoods with leafy parks, tree-lined streets, beautiful buildings, art deco architecture, luxurious residences, elegant shops, trendy restaurants, groceries, bistros and street art. The twin neighborhoods are on opposite sides of Insurgentes Avenue, around Parque Mexico and Parque Espana.


If you are travelling to Mexico City, Coyoacan should definitely be on your list! The famous borough is named after the old village of Coyoacan and means the “place of coyotes” in the language of the Aztecs. The first official suburb of Mexico City is one of the most beautiful places with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. Ideal for day trips, the borough houses many attractions including the tree nursery and public park Viveros de Coyoacan, the famous squares Plaza Jardin Hidalgo and Jardin Centenario, amazing museums such as La Casa Azul and open air markets like Mercado de Antojitos. The historic neighborhood was known as the center of culture and arts in Mexico City with worldwide famous residents such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky.

Mexico City streets night

Zona Rosa

Thanks to its central location, Zona Rosa is a shopping, business and entertainment district. It is part of colonia Juarez and widely known as the center of Mexico City’s gay community. In and around Zona Rosa lives the majority of the Korean population. The neighborhood is also home to “Little Korea” or “Little Seoul”, the center of the Korean immigrant population.


If you are looking for a fashionable, upscale neighborhood to stay during your trip to Mexico City, Polanco is known for its five star hotels, luxurious designer stores, fancy restaurants and posh night clubs. The “Beverly Hills of Mexico City” is a clean and green neighborhood where you will enjoy pleasant walks at Calzada de los Poetas park, shop at Avenida Presidente Masaryk and visit interesting museums such as Soumaya Museum, Coleccion Jumex and Acuario Inbursa at Av. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

So, once you booked your cheap flights to Mexico City, plan your trip wisely and do not miss to include the above neighborhoods in your must-visit list!