Mexican Folklore & Festivities

Mexican Folklore & Festivities

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Mexico wooden souvenir Day of Dead mariachi

The culture

The Mexican culture is worldwide known for its plurality and diversity. The strong roots of the Mesoamerican civilizations like the Aztecs, Mayas, Toltecs, Zapotecs and Olmecs, combined with the rich heritage of the Spanish colonists, created a fascinating mosaic of languages, groups and customs. The national emblem of Mexico is an eagle standing on a nopal, holding a snake in its beak. Some of the most characteristic symbols of Mexico are: the traditional Mexican horseman “charro”, the broad-brimmed hat “sombrero”, the traditional Mexican music “mariachi” and the fruity and spicy “tequila”, the spirit that is made from the blue agave plant. All the above are part of the Mexican culture and as you are travelling to Mexico City you will find them at all major festivities.

The festivities

The local festivities reflect the diversity of the Mexican civilization. The majority of them are of religious character with pre-Hispanic background. All of them are celebrated at the main cities’ squares with fireworks, parades, mariachi music, dance, costumes and lots of goodies. If you want to experience a unique spectacle, check online for cheap flights to Mexico City according to the dates of the most important festivities: Independence Day “Diez y Seis” (16th September), Day of the Dead “Dia de los Muertos” (2nd November), Carnival (1 week before Ash Wednesday, end of Feb-beginning of March), Columbus Day “Dia de la Raza” (12th October), Patron’s Saint Day of Mexico “Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe” (12th December). If you plan to fly to Mexico City during autumn, the huge celebration that takes place at Constitution Square on the night of September 15th, is a once in a lifetime experience!

Mexican Pots Market

The Arts

Mexican Folk art expresses the character of the community life and all the traditions, customs, beliefs, legends and tales that embody the local culture. Usually folk art is present at meals, fiestas, dances and ceremonies. The main materials are clay, metal, plant fibers, wax, paper, leather, bone, stone, glass, crystal and wood. In textiles, artists use bright colors, open work lace, embroidery and needlecratfs. Thanks to folk art all the traditions have been preserved over time through carvings, pottery, fabrics and toys. Some of the most popular ones that you should buy when you travel to Mexico City are “talavera” tiles and pottery, Aztec and Mayan replicas, “Alebrijes” wood carvings, colorful woolen rugs and blankets, handmade sandals “huaraches”, Mexican shirts “guayabera”, traditional dresses and silver jewels.