Carnestoltes in Barcelona

Carnestoltes in Barcelona

Catalan Carnaval: It is time for joy, dressing-up and colorful parades!

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Spain Barcelona Park Guell Lizard FountainFrom 23rd of February to 1st of March, the carnival spirit takes over Barcelona! The movable festival starts on Dirty Thursday -known as Jueves Ladero or Dijous Gras in Catalan- and ends on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Dirty Thursday is dedicated to meat-eating and is celebrated with many fiestas. The following days belong to the carnival! Parades are held; jugglers, bands, dancers and singers perform in flashy, colorful costumes; the bars are full; the masquerades are dancing to the rhythmical tempo; people are full of energy and exuberant vitality. There are many local parades all over Barcelona. Friday is the day of the arrival of the Carnival King “Rei Carnestoltes”, although the actual parade day is Saturday. If you have found cheap flights to Barcelona during this weekend, don’t miss the Carnival King’s parade that takes place in Born-La Ribera, one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Barcelona. Another must-see carnival event that is held on Sunday in the medieval district, is the Orange Festival “La Taronjada”; an enthusiastic event where people celebrate by dancing and throwing orange balloons and confetti. The Gran Sarau that follows is the largest masquerade ball. The Spanish carnival season ends on Wednesday with the traditional funeral of sardines “Enterrament de la sardine” that symbolizes the end of the festival’s excesses, the restoration of order and the beginning of Lent.

Spain Sitges Costa DoradaIf you have time and want to experience the wildest carnival in Spain, you can visit Sitges. The coastal town is 42 km south of Barcelona and the trip by train takes only 45 minutes. Sitges Carnical is one of the most famous in the world. The colorful parades, the provocative shows and the hot parties attract more than 250.000 visitors from all corners of the earth! The two main parades “Disbauxa” Parade Defile de la Disbauxa and “Extermination” Parade Defile de l’Extermini, take place on Sunday 26th and Tuesday 28th of February.

So, what are you waiting for? Break the monotony of your life and live this exciting time in Catalunya! It is worth noting that thanks to the off-season dates of the Carnival, you will find cheap flights to Barcelona and cheap hotel deals!