Black Light Theater

Black Light Theater

Live the ultimate experience in Prague

The capital of Czech Republic is the ideal destination for theater lovers. Book a cheap flight to Prague and experience amazing performances at the world-famous Black Theater!

Prague Town SquareBlack Light Theater originated in ancient Asia and is based on the trick of black cabinet; a technique that has also been used by famous illusionists like David Copperfield. The stunning effect of the Black Light Theater is created by the ultra-violet or UV-A light that is used on stage, together with black curtains (usually velvet) and special effects. The human eye cannot see the difference between the layers of the black material that is used as a background, nor the dark stage and the black objects. The fluorescent costumes and props create stunning visual illusions as the performers move. Black Light Theater shows include modern dance, music, pantomime and acrobatics. The performances are divided into “story” and “scene”. Scene based performances contains a mix of regular lit stage with visible performers for some parts and full black light for other parts.

Black Light Theater became widely known in Prague after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and there are thousands of tourists who visit Prague each month in order to experience this unique art form that surpasses cultural differences and offers unique performances. So if you plan to fly to Prague, you can book your tickets online to avoid lines and get the best prices. There are many active black light theaters in Prague. Some of the best known are: “Image Black Light Theater”, “Black Light Theater of Prague”, “HILT Black Light Theater - Divadlo u Valsu”, “Black Light Theater SRNEC”, “WOW Black Theater” and “TA FANTASTIKA”.

Prague puppetsAs soon as you secure your cheap flights to Prague, you can check the listings for all the shows coming up online and note all productions at the centrally located theaters. Most shows start around 7pm and last from one hour to 90 minutes. Remember to book your seats in the middle or rear for the best effect! The Black Light performances are suitable for all ages. Your children will get excited with the stunning spectacles and the striking imagery. After all, Black Theater means to believe in the impossible!