Berlin’s history

Berlin’s history

A step back into the past

Book cheap flights to Berlin and explore the most fascinating sites and historical attractions in the capital of Germany.

Berlin is one of the most interesting and exciting destinations in Europe. It is known as a paradise for art lovers and the best city for history buffs. Travelling to Berlin you will discover a historically rich capital where every part of it has story to tell… So, once you booked your cheap flights to Berlin, plan your trip wisely and do not miss to see the following sites for a more in-depth look into the history of Berlin:

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery and Palace of Tears

Berlin wall mark streetThe wall that once separated West and East Berlin for 28 years, was demolished between June and November 1990. You can see the remains of the wall along the southern border of Wedding and Mitte and visit the world famous border control during the Cold War, “Checkpoint Charlie”. Walk along the East Side Gallery –the longest lasting outdoor gallery worldwide- and see the political artworks including Dmitri Vrubel’s portrait of Brezhnev and Hönecker’s kiss. A must-see on your trip to Berlin! As for the Palace of Tears “Tränenpalast” in front of Berlin Friedrichstrasse U-Bahn, it was the departure terminal for the East to the West border crossing and took its name from the tearful goodbyes and farewells between East Germans and West Germans. Its museum provides a detailed insight into the presence of the Berlin Wall and what was like to live in a divided city.

Reichstag and Fernsehturn

During your trip to Berlin, you will also have the chance to enjoy panoramic views. There are numerous buildings offering fascinating views. You can visit Reichstag, the meeting place of the German parliament and see the famous glass dome. The building itself played an important role in German history and it was used before World War II as a catalyst by the Nazis for withdrawing basic freedoms. Reichstag underwent a reconstruction by the British architect Norman Foster in 1999. Alternative views can be found in the east of the city in Alexanderplatz. Fernsehturn is the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe. The 368 metre-high Television Tower boasts a stainless steel sphere with a rotating restaurant and viewing gallery.

Jewish Museum, New Synagogue and Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Holocaust MemorialExplore the city’s Jewish history in the “Jüdisches Museum”, the “Neue Synagogue” and the “Denkmal für die Ermordeten Juden Europas”. The Jewish Museum includes three buildings and presents the history of the German-Jewish population. It is one of the Largest Jewish Museums in Europe and part of it was designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind. You can also visit the New Synagogue, the 19th century building that survived the Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht) and World War II or walk through the Holocaust Memorial. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe is a field of concrete slabs of varying heights. It was designed by Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold and takes up the area of an entire city block.

*Some of the above sites, charge an entry fee. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance right after you secure your cheap flights to Berlin, in order to get the best discounts and avoid lines!