Amsterdam souvenirs

Amsterdam souvenirs

Clogs, tulips & more

The best Dutch gifts to bring home from Amsterdam

Dutch gifts are unique, charming and include a wide range of products such as books, sweets, flowers and delicatessen. Souvenirs is the best way to remember your trip to Amsterdam. Here are our top picks for your beloved ones back at home:

Dutch Delftware waffles


These caramel filled waffles are a must try during your trip to Amsterdam and make a great gift! You can find them literally everywhere and they are easy to transport. You can try them warm from a street vendor at Albert Cuyp Market or buy some from the famous bakery Lanskroon.


Blue and white pottery that comes in many shapes and sizes, from plates and tiles to mugs, bowls, even clocks and cute little statues. The iconic pottery originates from the city of Delft, where the original Delftware ceramics have been produced for the last 400 years. In case you have extra time, you can visit this charming town and see the pottery factories and workshops, otherwise head to Galleria D’arte Rinascimento in Amsterdam, where you will find a great collection of antiques Delft. If you don’t care about the real thing, cheap versions are sold in markets and gift shops for a few euros.

Dutch cheese:

Amsterdam cheese compositionTravelling to Amsterdam, you will have the chance to taste the best Gouda and Edam you’ve ever had! Try the different categories of Gouda that are based on age (jong, belegen, oud and overjarig) and don’t hesitate to get some other types of cheese such as Geitenkaas, Maasdammer, Boerenkaas and Delft’s Blauw. Among the city’s favorite Gouda cheese is Old Amsterdam Kass. You can buy local cheeses from Amsterdam’s open air markets and cheese shops like Cheese & More by Henri Willig (Leidsestraat 52), Reypenaer Proeflokaal (Singel 182), De Kaaskames (Runstraat 7) and Kaashuis Tromp (Utrechtsestraat 90). Dutch cheese is a great savory souvenir to bring back home. Just remember to check your country’s regulation!


These traditional wooden shoes worn by farmers, date back to the 1200. You can find them in every gift shop in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. From key chains and clogs shaped slippers to the traditional handmade pair from the Zaanse Schans Clog Workshopss outside of Amsterdam (Kraaienest 4, 1509 AZ ZAANDAM), clogs make a great souvenir as a gift!

Tulip bulbs:

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without buying tulip bulbs! Check the customs regulation for importing for country and head to the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt or the store at the Tulip Museum. Even if you can’t take them back with you, you can always order them delivered to your home.

Other gifts:

There are many other items that you can buy when travelling to Amsterdam. If your beloved is a passionate reader, the Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank’s Diary) is the most famous Dutch book of all time. Art lovers will be thrilled with art prints of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and other famous Dutch artists. On the other hand, football fans will get excited with an Ajax memorabilia such as the classic red scarf and the Ajax shirt, bought from Amsterdam ArenA, home of AFC Ajax football club.

*Extra tip:

As soon as you book your cheap flights to Amsterdam and start organizing packing list, remember to save room in your luggage! Otherwise, you will end up buying one more suitcase!