3 top food destinations

3 top food destinations

For passionate foodies

French, Japanese and Catalan - 3 different cuisines with great history offer top notch culinary experiences. Fly to France, Tokyo or Barcelona and get ready to enjoy unique food cultures!

Paris cafeBook a cheap flight to France and visit the gastronomic capital of the world. The city of lights boasts unique cuisine, creative chefs, haute cuisine restaurants, historical bistros and brasseries, heavenly desserts and delicacies. In Paris you will enjoy the best crepes, croissants, baguettes, souffles, oysters and foie gras, you’ve ever had! France is world famous for its cheeses. Try Munster, Comte, Cabecou, Roquefort, Camembert, Reblochon, Ossau-Iraty, Epoisses, Corsica’s national cheese Brocciu and Cantal, the oldest cheese in the world! If you like sweets and desserts, you’ll love the delicious French pastries such as “tarte tatin” apple tarts, praline pastries, macarons, eclairs, religieuses, citron meringue tarts and strawberry cakes “fraisier”. Fusion cuisine is also very popular in Paris, while organic is one of the latest and healthiest food trends!

Book a cheap flight to Barcelona and enjoy the famous local cuisine. The traditional dishes include Mediterranean elements and influences from other civilizations. Try jamon Iberica, fresh fish and seafood, vegetables with Catalan oil and the yummiest tapas! The Boqueria Market and the Mercat de Santa Caterina are two markets you must visit in Barcelona. Some of the most famous dishes are escudella (Catalan stew with beef, sausage and vegetables), suquet de peix (Catalan fish soup) and zarzuela (seafood stew with cuttlefish, prawn, mussels or lobster). Dessert lovers should try crema catalana and mejar blanc pudding. Foodies will have the chance to dine in Barcelona’s Michelin starred restaurants. Catalonia has a great tradition in gastronomy and is home to top chefs such as Ferran Adria, Sergi Arola, Santi Santamaria, Carme Ruscalleda, Fermi Puig and Carles Gaig.

Japan sushiBook a cheap flight to Tokyo and get ready to become a sushi lover for the rest of your life! Tokyo is one of the world’s top food destinations, with more Michelin starred restaurants than any other capital. Tokyo’s restaurants cater to all budgets, from expensive haute cuisine restaurants on the top floors of skyscrapers and hotels, to Japanese style pubs izakaya and hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurants. “Kaiseki” traditional multi-course dinner is a must try that you can enjoy at specific types of traditional restaurants called “ryokan” and “ryotei”. For authentic sushi and sashimi head to Tsukiji and Nishiki markets and Ginza district. If you like noodles, don’t miss the dipping noodles “tsukemen” from Rokurinsha at the Yaesu Underground Exit of Tokyo Station. Some of the most popular dishes are rice dish “donburi”, “ramen” soup, “udon” noodles, “kobe” beef, deep fried pork “tonkatsu”, freshwater eel “unagi”, “soba” noodles, “chankonabe” stew, “tempura”deep fried seafood, “okonomiyaki” and “monjayaki” savory pancakes. As for desserts, try Dorayaki red-bean pankcakes and anmitsu jellies.