Tripark.com,  other than simply being a new commercial brand, is actually a new project of Goldair Group of companies, towards travelers of the general public, utilizing a modern approach to online travel market.

A dream that is quite complex and multi layered, due to the continuous evolving of technology and at the same time, a sincere effort for www.tripark.com to claim its rightful place in your daily travel habits and your heart...

The confirmation of this approach came with the creation of a modern site that aims to bring the journey closer to the traveler, with respect to his needs, emphasizing on quality and creativity. All this is accomplished through the wide range of services www.tripark.com plans to offer, the attentive selection of proposals and above all, a professional customer service.

Designing www.tripark.com, simplicity and easy of navigation were the dominating factors. Internal pages are also designed to provide the information required with the simplest way. The home page operates as a navigation tool directing you to your desired travels.  

The main feature of services provided on www.tripark.com is travel experience in a modern and economic context. And this target is fulfilled by providing low fare flight tickets and helping the customer to be able to find his preferred flight, easy and quickly, in order to travel with the best possible low price.
Our range of airline choices, allows every visitor to choose freely among our travel offers, depending on his desire and his budget. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through www.tripark.com and we promise to continue to improve and upgrade our services in order to live up to your expectations.

A few words about Tripark

Part of the Goldair Group of Companies, which is active in the fields of tourism and transportation since 1955, www.tripark.com, provides online travel related services. 

Relying above all, on our experienced and reputable staff of travel consultants, on state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and the deep knowledge of the market, we guarantee a professional customer service. .